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Washington, D.C., a unique cultural escapade

Head to the capital of the US by booking a flight to Washington, D.C. Set out to explore Uncle Sam's political and institutional heritage and dive into US history.

In front of the impressive gates of the White House, gaze upon the seat of American power. With a Washington, D.C. travel guide, you'll be able to identify the splendid neoclassical columns of the most famous official building in the US. The White House is not all there is to see: walk down the Mall to continue your tour of Washington in front of the architectural gem that is the Capitol, before admiring the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. Your flight to Washington, D.C. also brings you to the world's largest museum complex, the Smithsonian, with its 10 buildings. Natural history, American history, air and space history, Native American history… there is a lot to explore, not to mention the Newseum, which takes visitors on a tour of the media, and the National Gallery of Art, all with free entry !

Take advantage of your trip to Washington, D.C. to stroll through the neighbourhood of Georgetown and savor its picturesque charm. Its streets lined with colorful houses and shops call to mind a village and a bucolic atmosphere on the banks of the Potomac.

Don't expect to see a spectacular skyline like the one in Manhattan on your flight to Washington, D.C. : the US capital stands out instead for its neoclassical and colonial architecture and its abundance of trees and gardens. In fact, the famous monuments along the National Mall are surrounded by parks such as Constitution Gardens. Washington is not always the somber and serious city one might imagine : the capital is bustling with gourmet restaurants and hip nightclubs !