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Singapore, the wealth of cultural diversity

A trip to Singapore invites you to discover a multifaceted destination, the intersection of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures.

Everything is plural in Singapore. This island, which is also a country and a city, hosts Chinese, Malays or Indians. This multi-ethnic atmosphere is enhanced by absolute freedom of worship. The Malays are mostly Muslims, Indians are Hindu and Chinese are divided between Buddhism and Taoism. The golden minarets, Gothic steeples and other polychrome gopurams shape the ecumenical diversity of this city.

The local cuisine is referenced in the travel guides in Singapore, all these nationalities helping to make this destination a mecca of international cuisine. The hawker centers, the street-food vendors, will make you taste spicy food, like the Hainanese chicken rice, popiahs (spring rolls) or laksa (soup).

After a flight to Singapore, experience this harmonious socio-cultural diversity in Chinatown, with crowded alleys, a festive atmosphere and old houses with leaning red walls. Enjoy jasmine scents; spices and incense in a Tamil influenced Little India.

With a flight to Singapore, get ready to climb on the world's highest wheel, the Singapore Flyer, which rises to 165 meters (541 feet). Orchard Road is seen as the Singaporean Champs Elysees with its profusion of luxury boutiques. Innovative and committed, Singapore sets the example with the Gardens by the Bay. This disproportionate botanical garden with an ultra-modern architecture is a model of its kind in terms of biodiversity conservation.