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Montevideo reserves its charm for you

Montevideo is a true Latin American city whose heart beats to the rhythm of the lively music. Book a flight to Montevideo in February so you can participate in one of the most amazing carnivals on the continent, which vibrates to the sound of Candombe drums.

Uruguay has seen the tango take shape in the well preserved milongas of its capital. A trip to Montevideo will make you admire the skill of local dancers and relive the golden era of Carlos Gardel, the most famous singer of the genre. At the port's market is another dance that takes place before your eyes at midday: the meat and fish marinating on the grill offer an appetizing show!

During your stay in Montevideo, discover a city on a human scale, which is largely unknown. Around the Plaza Independencia, the neighbourhoods of Ciudad Vieja, Centro and Palermo, are home to many buildings of modernist architecture, and can be easily found by bike or bus. The old town seems frozen in the 1920s, and is in no shortage of small passages to lose yourself in a quaint, intimate atmosphere.

In the evening, the Uruguayans enjoy a significant cultural activity. Besides the restaurants and cafés, Montevideo is home to several superb modernist and Art Deco theatres, like the Solis, Sala Zitarossa or the Ramon Collazo summer theatre.

During the summer, follow the inhabitants of Montevideo to the surrounding seaside resorts, the most popular is undoubtedly Punta del Este, 100 kilometres from Montevideo. A little nearer, look out from the beaches of Pocitos and Carrascoco, to enjoy the enchanting setting between the ocean and majestic villas. For a refreshing break in the heart of the city, the Rodo Park is essential, with its artificial lake and its wide variety of trees.