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Miami, living up to the legend

Book a flight to Miami to soak up the festive Cuban atmosphere that reigns in one of Florida's hottest destinations. Although the destination is warm and sunny, relaxing on the beach isn't the only activity awaiting in this festive city with Latin influences.

The flashy side of Miami, with its spectacular downtown skyscrapers and oversized hotels on Miami Beach, is rivalled by its Cuban side, with typical Caribbean buildings and the heady atmosphere of Little Havana. All the Miami travel guides urge travellers to visit this authentic Cuban neighbourhood, where salsa music resounds among colorful houses. To sit back and enjoy the show, try a mojito or even a cigar…

A trip to Miami is a delight for architecture fans. Skyscrapers, Hispanic styles and Art Deco are seen side by side in perfect harmony. South Beach and Coconut Grove stand out for their eccentricity. Buildings in pastel colors house businesses that are each more original than the last, between shops and night clubs. The pace picks up in North Miami, where the city's highest towers will have you strolling along with your eyes lifted to the sky.

After your flight to Miami, don't miss the impressive cultural opportunities of the Bass Museum of Art, the MoCA or the Wolfsonian. And it would be a shame not to take advantage of Florida's tropical climate by stretching out on the powdery sand of South Beach. A plane ticket to Miami is also the first step towards exploring the Everglades and their famous swamps, and then visiting the Keys after an exotic excursion that will put you in mind of the Caribbean. You will have to cross 42 bridges and 32 islands to reach Key West, the southernmost city in the US.