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United States of America

Los Angeles

US Dollar

Los Angeles: legendary city on the West Coast

City of Angels, Los Angeles is suffused with latin flavours. Founded in 1781, it was a promised land conquered by Spanish missionaries and courted by Mexican settlers.

The city's original site, El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles, has survived the test of time and history. The City of Angels has patiently invented its legend, much helped by the eternal sun and the blue of its rainbow sky. The city has a hypnotising aura that borders on excess. The quintessence of seaside glamour that are Malibu and Venice Beach; Beverly Hills with its constellation of stars; or downtown L.A, the historical heart, where the first primitive huts were built...
Los Angeles is comfortable with its distinctiveness, and looks at the future with serenity. Though it may champion tourism and plurality, do not be fooled by L.A.'s dazzle: L.A. is far from frivolous. With its 14-million inhabitants, this sprawling megalopolis is full of authenticity, treasures, and important cultural monuments. A rich mosaic of culture, art, and architecture, L.A. is committed to modernity. Vestiges of the past, like Art Deco and Spanish Revival masterpieces, rub shoulders with architectural behemoths, irresistible to those who fall under the spell of dream and fortune. Hollywood, the movie capital, though a simple neighbourhood in a big city, is unique, with a name that rings throughout the world. Like Los Angeles, Hollywood excels in paradox.
From the Getty Center to Disneyland, the second-largest city in the United States attracts talents as glittering as its theme parks and the museums dedicated to the arts and science. Nowhere else on the planet has a place been blessed with as much grace and opportunity for pleasure. Unspoilt nature and the great outdoors, fine dining and shopping, youth and beauty... The Riviera of the Pacific wants to share the American way of life with you, a concept of society and happiness that comes truly into its own here in sunny California.


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