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Flight from 129 € Round trip*

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Flight from 129 € Round trip*


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Flight from 130 € Round trip*


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Flight from 130 € Round trip*

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Italy, an open-air museum for the art of living like no other

Italy has so much wealth to offer its guests it would take several lifetimes to enjoy. Rome, Venice, Florence, the city names alone evoke daydreaming. A stay in Italy can be conceived in a thousand ways, depending on your interests: the Renaissance, Antiquity, climate, gastronomy...So many reasons to get a flight to Italy, and set off to share the dolce vita, the Italian lifestyle which the whole world loves.

Italy is an open-air museum. The majority of its cities are great records of history which conceal treasures of art and famous monuments. Each one is worth a visit. A travel guide of Italy is essential for shaping your route.

With a flight to Rome, the eterneral city, the ancient grandeur of the Colosseum awaits you. The Basilica of Saint-Pierre at the Vatican, home to the Sistine chapel and its sublime frescos painted by Michelangelo. In Florence, the Medici family's city, there is so much to see its dizzying: the medieval Ponte Vecchio which straddles the river Arno, Giotto's Campanile, the Palatine Gallery and its extraordinary collection of Italian paintings (Rafael, Titian...). A trip to Venice is a feast for the eyes, with its fabulous palaces, its gondolas, and Saint-Mark's Square. Naples and its bay at the bottom of Vesuvius plunges you into the atmosphere of southern Italy. The best thing is to lose yourself in the streets, to discover its soul. Next, go on an outing to the ruins of Pompeii, or tackle the magical island of Capri.

On a holiday in Italy, the landscapes also change according to region. The soft green hills of Tuscany, do not resemble the arid southern coast, carved out by the Mediterranean. And throughout your stay you will have the chance to taste the specialities of one of the best cuisines of the world: pasta, pizza, are available to infinity flavoured according to the produce of each region.