Zitouna Mosque : an impressive site in the medina

Zitouna Mosque : an impressive site in the medina

An iconic presence in the life of Tunisians, this sumptuous mosque is the most ancient and vast in all of Tunis.

This mosque in the Medina of Tunis, the Zitouna Mosque, or ‘Mosque of the Olive Tree' was founded in the late 7th century. Legend has it that the spot on which the mosque is located was a place of prayer where an ancient olive tree (zitouna) was also found. It is the oldest and largest mosque in the city.

Covering approximately 5,000 square metres, the mosque has nine entries and 184 majestic ancient columns taken from the site of Carthage. The long courtyard is trapezoidal, repeating elements from the mosques of Cordoba and Kairouan.

At the entrance to the prayer hall, the dome of the narthex, with a beautiful gallery, has columns and ancient capitals at its base. The main place of worship in the city, residents celebrate many ceremonies here, often in the presence of high religious authorities.

Zitouna Mosque
Rue Jamaa Ezzitouna

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