Window shopping in the historical centre

Window shopping in the historical centre

From traditional shops to upcoming designer outlets and international brands, shopping addicts will find what they are looking for.

Why not start your shopping spree with a key spot in Porto? Santa Catarina street is located in a car-free area of the city centre and considered to be the main shopping artery. You will find common international ready-to-wear brands rubbing shoulders with craft outlets and small jewellery shops.

On Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira, you can purchase some colourful sardine, tuna and octopus cans at Loja das Conservas. Near the Rua do Almada and Rua da Fábrica, famous for its bookshops, enter Almada 13, a very eclectic concept store. On that same street, you will taste delicious treats at Arcádia, a traditional chocolate maker renowned for its large selection and chocolate-covered finger biscuits.

Further west, head straight to CRU, a dynamic concept store that houses showrooms, workshops and fashion boutiques to help shed a light on new and upcoming designers. In the same neighbourhood, you will meander your way through Rua Miguel Bombarda (you can also visit its mall), which gathers numerous contemporary art galleries in its midst, some of which have the best Portuguese artists on display.

Not far from there in the Ribeira district and near the Douro River, you will come across mercearias, grocery shops specialised in Portuguese products (cheeses, olive oil, cold cuts and wine). Rua das Flores was a former jewellery goldsmithery trade street and a few shops selling handcrafted jewellery remain. There is no better location to laze about, stride across the paved streets and feel the city's atmosphere.

Loja das Conservas
Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira 240
4050-417 Porto
+351 96 047 2930

Almada 13
Rua do Almada 13
4050-036 Porto
+351 22 321 6002

Rua do Almada 63
4050-036 Porto
+351 22 200 1518

Rua do Rosário 211
4050-524 Porto
+351 93 560 0904 / +351 22 408 8244

Centro Comercial Bombarda
Rua de Miguel Bombarda 285
4050-381 Porto
+351 93 433 7703

Mercearia das Flores
Rua das Flores 110
4050-263 Porto
+351 22 208 3232