Volume: live music in a former wood-carving workshop

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Volume: live music in a former wood-carving workshop

Culture-hungry Florentines and arty expat hipsters gather at this former sculpture workshop, which is now a lively bar and bookstore—and, on Thursday nights, a concert hall.

The former workshop of the wood sculptor Alfonso Bini, a tiny spot crowded with beautiful moulds, hat forms, woodworking tools, and old machines, was founded in 1887, and harkens back to a time when the neighbourhood was inhabited by artisans. Added to the mix is a happy mishmash of 1950s objects, including a jukebox and mismatched Formica kitchen chairs.

In a very friendly atmosphere, the regulars, always people of strong character, come to eat hazelnut cocoa spread crepes or artisanal ice cream from Gelateria Carabè while flipping through books and magazines that are for sale or just there to look at. On Thursday evening it becomes a live-music venue. During the rest of the week, Volume stays open until the end of the night, or, more precisely, until the last classic cocktails and glasses of beer, Italian and imported, have been served…

Piazza Santo Spirito 5r
50125 Firenze

+39 055 238 1460


Menu: around 10 EUR