Vista Chinesa: an atypical and unique panoramic view

Vista Chinesa: an atypical and unique panoramic view

In the heart of Tijuca Forest, a Chinese-style pagoda opens onto heavenly views.

The largest urban forest in the world and just minutes from downtown Rio, the Tijuca Forest is 3,200 hectares in size.

Through its trails and winding roads, the lush vegetation hides sumptuous waterfalls (the cascada da gruta and the cascada dos macacos ), where Cariocas come to decompress and take in the stunning views, including those from the Vista Chinesa.This Chinese-style pagoda was created in the early 19th century as homage to planters from Macau (a Portuguese trading post at the time), who tried to establish tea plantations in Brazil. The project ended in failure, as coffee production won out.

While the monument itself is not memorable, the gazebo offers gorgeous views of the Zona Sul and the splendours of the city, including Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf.

Vista Chinesa
Parque Nacional Tijuca
Estrada da Vista Chinesa, 1294
Alto do Boa Vista
Rio de Janeiro

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