Visit the picturesque palm garden

Visit the picturesque palm garden

This green oasis in the heart of the city is a favourite spot for the people of Frankfurt. Its greenhouses, little train, and lake make for a lovely visit.

The Palmengarten (palm garden) is a gorgeous botanical garden that changes with the seasons.

Created in 1868, its 22 hectares are covered with lawns, flowers, and bushes. In 14 greenhouses filled with tropical and subtropical plants, every climactic zone is perfectly reproduced, including a lush tropical rainforest; a hot, humid monsoon forest of mangroves; and an arid desert of giant cacti.

Outdoors, Goethe's garden is also worth a visit. It pays tribute to this prince of poets, a great lover of gardens, who wrote an ode to ginkgo. In spring, exquisite roses spread their delicate fragrance in this wonderfully exotic realm.

Siesmayerstraße 61
60323 Frankfurt am Main

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