Visit China by water from Shanghai

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Visit China by water from Shanghai

A different world awaits beyond the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. Inland, traditional villages stretch out along the Yangtze delta. With its landscape and architecture, an extraordinary trip is in store.

On your arrival in Shanghai, you will be immediately struck by its extravagant modernity. The skyscrapers brush the heavens while the wide Huangpu River cuts through the centre of the city. To enjoy a futuristic sight of the city, head for the quaysides, from where you can view the immensity of the Shanghai skyline in all its glory during a long walk.

A different ambience awaits you a few kilometres away from this bustling centre. In Zhujiajiao, 36 traditional bridges span the city's tranquil canals. Junks glide gently in the shade of weeping willows and old houses dating back to the 17th century. An aura of ancient China permeates the air, like in the Mulan era.

One hour away by car, small traditional houses line the banks of the Wuzhen canals, while your nostrils are assailed by a bouquet of fragrances. The craftsmen of this city create this unique olfactory mix which comes from rice wine distilleries and dyers. When the last rays of sunshine play hide and seek with the horizon, residents light hundreds of lanterns which make the atmosphere even more magical.

Head further north. A new setting awaits you in Suzhou. The nine parks listed as UNESCO World Heritage site are the perfect place to stroll and dream. The arrangement of small islands and rocks in the main pond of the Humble Administrator's Garden depicts several magical scenes. Seated in a century-old pavilion, with for only sound the lapping of the water and the song of a few birds, you enjoy a sense of timelessness. An enchanted interlude during your stay in Shanghai.