Villa Diyafa: in tribute to Zyriab

boutique hotel
Villa Diyafa: in tribute to Zyriab

This boutique hotel is a small jewel of refinement. If you are staying elsewhere, at least go for a drink to enjoy its enchanting atmosphere.

Casablancans love to spend the weekend in Rabat. To relieve stress, they take refuge at Villa Diyafa. Though the hotel seems perfectly modern from the outside, its interior is nothing less than the purest Arab-Andalusian style. It pays tribute to one of the leading figures of this period, Zyriab, a musician, astronomer, and geographer who greatly influenced science, art, and even gastronomy.

The spirit of the great man lives without doubt in the library, where it is so pleasant to spend time reading, and in the work area, but also, of course, in each of the ten suites. With the large windows meeting the high ceilings, you have the impression of being in a small palace. Sounds are muted by the carpets, and in the garden you have small terraces hidden from sight for dinner with friends. As the hotel is located in the embassy district, this is where many mysterious diplomatic meetings are held.

Villa Diyafa Boutique Hotel and Spa
Corner of rue Bani Yadder and rue Jebala
10220 Rabat

+212 (0) 538 050 800

Rooms: from 4,800 MAD