Via Etnea, the untamed

Via Etnea, the untamed

The city's historic street lives night and day to the pace of shops and restaurants. To your heart's content.

This large main street spreads, like the name suggests, from the Piazza del Duomo to the majestic volcano that overlooks the city. If its route has been modified several times over centuries, it has somehow retained its warm and lively character.
Pedestrianised more than ten years ago, it drags crowds from neighbouring districts. Give free rein to your shopping craze and do not miss to use side streets. The main avenue is riddled with charming boutiques, genuine trattorie and all kinds of shops selling local crafts. End the day with a cannolo treat, the key Sicilian dessert, or take a bite of arancini, the delicious stuffed and fried rice balls, served with a glass of local wine. To do so, just step in the famous Pasticceria Spinella or go for one of the various restaurants located along the way if you need a hearty meal: Etnea Roof for instance also offers unobstructed views of the city from its rooftop terrace. Do not hesitate to enter some ancient palazzi, where you will find unexpected green and peaceful oases, away from the lively street.

Pasticceria Spinella
Via Etnea 292/298
95131 Catania
+39 095 327 247

Etnea Roof Bar & Restaurant
Via Etnea, 218
95131 Catania
+39 095 250 5111