Up the Taipei 101 Tower

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Up the Taipei 101 Tower

This impressive masterpiece culminates at 509 metres. The observation site on top is open to the public.

Named after its number of floors, the 101 Tower is the emblem of the city, and ranks sixth as the highest building in the world. Built in 2004 by the C. Y. Lee & Partners Architects firm, it represents an architectural wonder in many respects. Conceived to withstand earthquakes and typhoons, the 101 is one of the steadiest skyscrapers in the world.
Two observatories welcome the public, including one on the outside, on the 91st floor, that will leave you speechless! In less than 40 seconds, the elevators climb up to the 89th floor, marking the first stop of the visit.
Besides its height, the futuristic design, stripped down and blueish lines make it a truly masterful piece of work. A city in itself within the city, it houses various office spaces, but also bookshops, restaurants, conference centres and gyms… This genuine living area is dear to the heart of many Taiwanese people.

Tour Taipei 101
N° 7, Xinyi Road
Section 5
Xinyi District

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