Up the Etna, giant among volcanos

Up the Etna, giant among volcanos

Be it on foot, a four-wheeler, a horse or, why not, on board a helicopter, conquer the tallest European volcano and its 2,352 metres!

Glowing lava flow over the slopes of the sacred volcanic monster: here's the incredible spectacle that struck Sicily in 2017. Rest assured: when the Etna goes back to sleep, it kindly welcomes you up to the top.
The road zigzags through small villages, piano piano (gently) up to the car park, the starting point of your trek. You could alternately just use a cable-car that takes you 2,500 metres high to the first access level of the volcano. If you keep on climbing, you will reach 2,900 metres. The dark soil, wind and high altitude almost make you believe you are walking on the moon. A total change of scenery! Visits of the dizzyingly high main crater and thousand-year-old caves on the second level can only be accessed under the strict guidance and supervision of an authorized guide, depending on current weather conditions. In any case, cover up: Aeolus is blowing hard!

Funivia dell'Etna
Parco dell'Etna
Piazzale Rifugio Sapienza
95030 Nicolosi

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