Truck Yard, Texas version of a beer festival

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Truck Yard, Texas version of a beer festival

A Texan beer garden complete with food trucks and a motto: “brews, grub, tunes.”

No fewer than 24 beers on tap! This is the hallmark of this red truck taking up a spot on the immense open-air space, amidst other neon-lit stands and several other food trucks—among the best in Dallas. In the middle of an Art Brut decor, large tables and long wooden benches are set up where you can dine. This huge piece of land, formerly a vacant lot in the Lower Greenville area, has become a trendy landmark in Dallas in just a few years. Under a parasol, near the large open-air bar, order a beer brewed in Texas and chat with your neighbours—conviviality is on the menu. With a cocktail in hand, you will be able to listen to a few notes strummed on a guitar. When you get hungry, nibble on a hamburger, pizza or Cajun dish—different trucks for different tastes!

Truck Yard
5624 Sears Street
Dallas, TX 75206

+1 469 500 0139

Menu: about 10 USD