To each their sandbox

To each their sandbox

From the popular beaches in the south to the more upscale in the north, the supply of sand is sufficient to accommodate spots for the religious, gays, surfers… and dogs.

Tel Aviv's beaches stretch along the coast from Jaffa in the south to the Reading power station in the north. You can try different spots, starting with the lively Hof Metzitzim, then head up to the Hilton beaches and their waves, which appeal to surfers.

At the foot of the hotel, there is the gay beach, Atzmaut Beach, nicknamed ‘independence beach', adjoined by Nordau, the beach dedicated to the religious: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday it is reserved for women, the rest of the week for men, except Saturday, Shabbat, when the beach is public. Gordon and Frishman Beach follow below the French Embassy, where you'll hear a lot of French.

You can still continue further north, to the posh beaches of Tel Baruch and Mandarina, should you want to follow the beautiful people. Lastly, we should not forget to mention Hof Haklavim, which is open to dogs, man's best friend in Tel Aviv.