Three unspoilt Greek islands where you can unwind

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Three unspoilt Greek islands where you can unwind

The scent of pine trees, the turquoise waters and a pleasant climate… there's no doubt, here you are on the most unspoilt Greek islands. Life is sweet here!

Agistri for a relaxing weekend near Athens

Take the boat from the port of Piraeus and one hour later you have arrived on Agistri. This small island is one of the Athenians' favourite holiday destinations. With its crystalline beaches and large pine forest, ideal for walks, the island is a great place to unwind, without going too far from the capital.

Tilos for an eco-friendly stay

Often considered as the country's most eco-friendly island, nature lovers will fall for the charms of Tilos. For more than thirty years, the local authority has implemented ecological measures: preservation of wildlife, limited access for cars, and a ban on buildings of more than two storeys… The ideal destination for green holidays.

Lemnos for some authentic gastronomy

Even fewer holidaymakers go to Lemnos, in the north of the Aegean Sea. However, its unique gastronomy makes it an exceptional culinary destination. The result of a mixture of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences, it is also mainly based on local seasonal produce. So, tuck into some katimeria, the local version of pancakes accompanied by cheese, syrup or honey. Far from offering standard fare, on Lemnos you can enjoy some authentic and delicious dishes.