Theodore Rex's modern bistro

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Theodore Rex's modern bistro

In Houston, the Theodore Rex restaurant offers bistronomical food of tantalising originality, between regional recipes and European inspiration.

Staff nicknamed it the “T-Rex”, even though you should not expect the shadow of a dinosaur in this casual-style restaurant. Along the wall is a bench seat, on which blue, white and red triangles have been weaved. Overhead lights seem to be floating above, like bubbles of soap hanged in the air for a moment in time. Justin Yu, renowned Houston chef, unveils his modern bistro named “Theodore Rex”. The menu offers European-inspired cuisine, so you will not be surprised to find a “Paris-Brest” dessert or a stracciatella soup on it. In the plate, the chef favours simplicity and highlights regional products.
Choose tomato toasts, somehow between a bruschetta and a Catalan tomato bread – regulars rave about it. Keep up with a Texas wagyu shaved loin, before a sweet milk chocolate ice cream, with candied almonds and apple butter. It is recommended to book a table beforehand, as the restaurant is always crowded.

Theodore Rex
1302 Nance Street Unit A
Houston, TX 77002

+1 832 830 8592 

Menu: around 32 USD