The Varvakios Market: all the flavours of Greece

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The Varvakios Market: all the flavours of Greece

Mint and rosemary bouquets, olives by the thousands, and honey cakes... At Varvakios market, stalls reveal the secrets of Greek gastronomy.

Within the hall, you have the 'real' market of meat and fish. The Athenians commonly refer to it as the 'belly of Athens'. You must check it out, of course, especially if you have a dinner to prepare. Otherwise, pop over to Sokratous and Evripidou streets, which are nearby. There, you will find the Greek equivalent of Aladdin's cave. All the perfumes and the flavours of Greece are present.

Herbalists' stands, filled with the fragrance of thyme and sage are there, selling herbal teas and remedies for almost everything. Further on you come upon the barrels of olives, including the famous black Kalamata olives, but there are so many others... And what about the bags of rice, semolina, beans, almonds, pistachio nuts, not to mention the tins of olive oil? Food lovers, take note that here, Turkish Delight is called 'loukoumi'. As for the honey, it comes from the Peloponnese and smells of pine and wildflowers.

Varvakios Central Athens Market
Athinas 42
105 51 Athens