The Sōzō Hotel: religious about design

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The Sōzō Hotel: religious about design

Sōzō (which means "imagination" in Japanese) is a distinctive hotel in a 19th-century chapel that Benoit Boiteau has tastefully and passionately designed.

In a quiet area close to the station and the botanical gardens, ten minutes from the town centre, the Sōzō Hotel has an exceptional character that pits religious architecture against sleek design. Bright-coloured furnishings by Pierre Paulin in the lobby, lighting by Ingo Maurer, and a collection of guitars and a grand piano set the tone of the place, which is decidedly different. There is no doubt upon entry that this address is for design lovers, artists of all kinds, and those who love singularity. The 23 rooms and one suite are part of a stained-glass world, with vaulted archways and columns associated with elegant decor. Nothing is left to chance in terms of comfort, with air conditioning, a steam room and sauna, a sensorial shower, an ice room, and very comfortable bedding. The newest hotel suite (55 sqm), in the image of the hotel, is a discreet and intimate sanctuary of comfort and technology with luxurious design.

Sōzō Hotel
16 rue Frédéric Cailliaud
44000 Nantes

+33 (0)2 51 82 40 00

Rooms: from 103 EUR