The Shabadran Terraces: an unforgettable hike

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The Shabadran Terraces: an unforgettable hike

Located in southern Maré, the scenery of the Shabadran Terraces will take your breath away.

Take a guided tour through the gorgeous scenery around the tribal village of Kurine to one of the island's most beautiful beaches. First is a 4x4 drive through a coconut plantation, followed by a hike along unspoilt coastline and a trek up cliffs up to 140 metres high. There are plenty of viewpoints along the way where you can stop and admire the reefs – and the luckiest might also see whales during breeding season (mid-July to mid-September). After a few hours walking, the path leads to several rocky inlets opening out into an emerald sea. These white sandy beaches, hidden amidst lush greenery, will make you feel like the only ones in the world. The second bay even has a natural swimming pool carved into the coral. Before you leave, don't miss out on a coconut cut fresh from the tree by your guide. The route is quite challenging, but it's one of the most beautiful walks the island has to offer and is sure to strike a chord.

The Shabadran Terraces in Maré,
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