The pleasure of sharing at Cafe Colette

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The pleasure of sharing at Cafe Colette

Cafe Colette is a world in itself, at once bar and restaurant for a festive night in the heart of Brooklyn.

It is in “trendy Williamsburg” that you will discover this subdued and inviting address. The main dining room is in tune with the neighbourhood life that goes on behind its picture windows, and the same goes for the pleasant terrace, where to spend your hot summer nights, as well as the greenhouse garden which you can book for private events.

Espressos, americanos and other brews await at the coffee bar all day long. The locavore and organic menu is available for lunch and dinner, topped with an exceptional hamburger served with a secret sauce and a side of Brussels sprouts with olives. Bread is French baked and all snacks perfectly mouthwatering: fried olives stuffed with anchovies, crispy chickpea panisse with yogurt and seeds, or a burrata served with fermented honey.

The other star at Colette is the bar and its cocktail selection. If all drinks are absolutely delicious, the Colette Cocktail (base of gin, with herbs de Provence and sparkling rosé wine) is very much in demand.

Note that brunch at Colette is well acclaimed and many Manhattanites regularly make the trip just for the occasion. Not to be missed!

Cafe Colette
79 Berry Street, Brooklyn
11249, New York

+1 347 599 1381

Menu: from 19 USD