The citadel of Bonifacio facing the sea

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The citadel of Bonifacio facing the sea

At the extreme south of the island, welcome to Bonifacio, the southernmost city in France.

In the distance, when you look south at the horizon line, you can see Italy (the shortest distance between Bonifacio and Santa Teresa Gallura in Sardinia is 16 km). This means that the sea has played an important role in this fortified town, with its impressive white cliffs.

The citadel is still very marked by its Genoese history, which lasted from the 12th century until it was ceded to France in the 18th. Cheerful and festive, this beautiful blue and white city will seduce you with its charm. Although the walk will seem high, the marine cemetery is a must. Try to attend a concert of Corsican singing in the great church of Saint-Dominique. The walk from the Col de Saint-Roch to the Pertusato Lighthouse will offer a commanding view of the upper town and cliffs. The incredible Escalier du Roy d'Aragon is worth a visit, too: a steep staircase dating back to around 1420 that was carved – legend has it – by King Alfonso V of Aragon's soldiers in just one night. As you climb down the 187 steps hewn from the cliff face to the gleaming turquoise waters below, you'll be treated to stunning panoramic views.

Finally, share an ice cream on the lively harbour, and try the chestnut flour or Bonifacio bruccio, a delight.

Cimetière Marin de Bonifacio (Bonifacio seaside cemetery)
La Ville Haute
20168 Bonifacio

Eglise Saint Dominique (Saint-Dominique Church)
La citadelle
20169 Bonifacio

Glacier Rocca Serra
17 quai Jérôme Camparetti
20169 Bonifacio
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