The Museum of Tahiti and the islands: a voyage through time

The Museum of Tahiti and the islands: a voyage through time

Te Fare Manaha is the preamble to an exploration of Tahiti and its neighbours, some quite distant, to better understand and appreciate Polynesian culture.

The location of this historic and ethnographic museum owes nothing to chance. A large marae, a sacred place of the Ma'ohi, ancestors of the Tahitians, once stood near the lagoon. Among archaeological finds and natural and cultural heritage collections, visitors embrace Polynesian traditions, like tikis – anthropomorphic sculptures – the ancient canoes on display outside the museum.

Be sure to walk around the park - it is a nearly five-hectare conservatory of endemic plants. Some species are endangered, but all have meaning and specific uses in rituals. Their names evoke the mysteries of nature: paper mulberry, kava or Piper methysticum, banyans 'ora and Ficus prolixa - indigenous Marquesan plants. Jacques Brel loved to sing about this inspiring place: “And walk past the coconut trees that write songs of love…”

Museum of Tahiti and the islands
Pointe des pêcheurs
Nu'uroa, Punaauia
98718 Tamanu

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