The Jokin Cliffs, Lifou: prepare to be amazed!

not to be missed
The Jokin Cliffs, Lifou: prepare to be amazed!

To the north of the island, the Jokin Cliffs offer spectacular panoramic views across the Lifou lagoon.

Visit the tribal village of Jokin to admire these incredible cliffs, which soar up almost 40 metres and plunge into the crystalline waters of Jinek Bay, where the water is so clear that you can see right down to the seabed. Tucked into the dense vegetation covering the rocks are several cave burial sites for the tribe's deceased chiefs.
If you'd like a swim at the foot of the cliffs, follows the path through the forest of Cook pines, which will take you to a set of steps leading down to a platform where you can get in the water. For the ultimate experience, kit yourself out with a set of fins, a diving mask and snorkel, and explore the teeming, brightly-coloured coral reef. This is also a very popular spot with the island's youngsters, who regularly come here to compete against each other diving in.

Jokin Cliffs, Lifou
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