In the sky over the Indian capital

exceptional panorama
In the sky over the Indian capital

Have you ever dreamt of floating above the crowds that wander among the streets of Delhi? Climb above them all for a tour in a motorised paraglider.

From Jorbagh to Nizzamudin, Chattarpur or Vasant Vihar, Delhi streets and roads stretch out to compose a veritable mosaic of cultures and architecture. Mopeds, buses and rickshaws perform an unusual ballet at high speed. You can observe this dizzying spectacle from the blue sky of the city on a three-wheeled cart, this coloured paraglider with an integrated motor and a protective cage.

Under your feet suspended in the void, wide streets lined with frangipani trees unfold elegantly between vast green spaces, neighbourhoods filled with typical houses and large modern concentric avenues. Car traffic seems silent from above and appears as a striking spectacle that you can follow with attention from the air. Want to fly?

Flyboy Aero Park
Near the Ireo Grand Arch
Golf Course Extension Road
Sector 58, Gurgaon

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