The extraordinary Plaine des Sables

The extraordinary Plaine des Sables

A panorama in varied shades in the heights of Réunion Island, a vast lonely lunar landscape.

Situated at over 2,260m altitude, the Plaine des Sables, which was created from the eruption of Piton Chisny, is on the Plateau des Hauts de l'Île de La Réunion, bounded by sand ramparts and the Bellecombe Pass.

As you head towards the Piton de la Fournaise, your path will lead you to this exceptionally arid, lunar desert plateau. A landscape of dazzling beauty, bordered by mineral nothingness and a palette of reddish and black volcanic slag, it is a unique and arresting spectacle from the first light of day. The ultimate apocalyptic movie set, the first volcanic cones visible on the horizon are the Piton Chisny, the Piton du Cirque and the Piton Rouge. Visitors can venture out on foot in the Plaine des Sables where specially marked trails have been set up for hikers.

Beware, however, as the fog can fall quickly, and it is easy to miss your mark.