The exhilarating Piton des Neiges

The exhilarating Piton des Neiges

At over 3,000 metres, it is considered the highest point in the Indian Ocean.

The Piton des Neiges (Snowy Peak), located north of Cilaos, offers one of Réunion's most beautiful walks. The dormant volcano at its peak, which last erupted centuries ago, casts a majestic presence at the centre of the island.

The name is misleading, however, as the cap is rarely white and snowfalls are very infrequent. However, the temperature is cool and hikers who plan to make this ascent need to be properly equipped. There is an ascent through a forest of tamarind and guava, which gives way to slag. Starting at the Cafre Plain, the Cirque de Salazie or the Cirque de Cilaos, the upward route is spectacular.

Once at the top, admire the entire island with the unforgettable Indian Ocean on the horizon merging with the sky. Note that sunrise from this vantage is extraordinary.