The Elephant House: in the footsteps of Harry Potter

The Elephant House: in the footsteps of Harry Potter

A restaurant, but also a pub and a world-famous tearoom, this is where JK Rowling wrote the first volume of her blockbuster saga.

Following the release of the first Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book in 1997, The Elephant House has become an attraction in itself. For it is in the second room of the establishment that J.K. Rowling, the novelist who wrote the most famous literary saga of recent years, spent her days writing the novel. And guess what? The windows face... Edinburgh Castle, which most definitely was an inspiration for the Hogwarts universe, with its magicians and evil wizards. Fans now snap selfies in front of the red facade and crowd inside for lunch, dinner, or a cup of warm tea.
A relaxed atmosphere and welcoming smile make this café a popular meeting place. The food is Tex-Mex and Italian, but there are also typical dishes such as haggis (stuffed sheep stomach) with mashed potatoes and turnips. Tip: save room for the delicious desserts, best enjoyed in the back room. Look out for bursts of creativity!

The Elephant House
21 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh EH1 1EN

+44 131 466 0873

Menu: around 16 GBP