The Colours of Basque Country at O Piment Rouge

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The Colours of Basque Country at O Piment Rouge

With its delicate blend of authenticity and originality, O Piment Rouge stands out from the typical Basque restaurants that dot the area surrounding the Lourdes cave.

Purple front window, crimson walls, red and white checkered tablecloths… Overlooking Lourdes, the restaurant O Piment Rouge displays its Basque colours with pride. And with good reason: Eva and Franck, at the head of the establishment, work hard to share the region's specialities with a touch of originality - as shown by their reimagined crème brûlée with Espelette chili pepper. The owners welcome you into a chic and warm ambiance, two qualities you will also find on the plates presented with special care. Those with a sensitive palate should not be discouraged by the restaurant's name, nor its spiced-up dishes! Hot pepper is not everywhere on the menu. Step away from clichés and give into the temptation of the axoa pork (a rustic speciality originating in the small Labourd region), the Saint-Jean-de-Luz style tuna steak, or even the surprising stuffed cabbage millefeuille. Reservations are strongly recommended at the height of the summer season and, if you can, ask for a table in the lower level room, next to the rocks. The picture window overlooks a tiny courtyard decorated with large stones, remnants of the former Lourdes castle.

O Piment Rouge
37 rue de la Grotte
65100 Lourdes.

+33 (0)5 62 41 47 87

Menu: about 31 EUR