The Chi Lin Nunnery: without nails but not without beauty

The Chi Lin Nunnery: without nails but not without beauty

Buddha deserves this wooden pegged architectural miracle of serenity.

Surely, one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong, if off the beaten track. The Chi Lin Nunnery, built on 33,000 square metres following the precepts of feng shui, is a splendid lesson on architecture and Chinese civilisation. And, Buddhism as well.

Built in 1934 and renovated in 1990 according to ancient Tang Dynasty (618-907) blueprints, its 95,000 pieces of wood are held together without a single nail. Enter through the shanmen, the door to the mountain, and be enchanted by the temples and gardens. The beauty of the place is apparent from the first courtyard, decorated with basins, blooming lotus flowers, magnificent bonsai, and rock gardens.

At the other end, you reach the Temple of Heavenly Kings, which serves as the reception room to the nunnery. Large golden Buddhas punctuate the visit that leads to the spectacular main temple. Twenty-eight yellow cedar columns support a roof covered with 28,000 tiles. Soak up the serenity of the nunnery before diving back into the frenzy of the city centre.

Chi Lin Nunnery
5, Chi Lin Drive
Diamond Hill
Hong Kong

+852 2354 1888