The Cathedral of the Archangel celebrates Russia's battle victories

The Cathedral of the Archangel celebrates Russia's battle victories

The most successful of the Italian Renaissance buildings inside the Kremlin, the cathedral celebrates the great victories of the Russian army under the benign gazes of its icons.

Among the many icons on the cathedral's 13-metre-high gilded iconostasis (1681), is one of St. Michael the Archangel, to whom the cathedral is dedicated, attributed to the illustrious painter and monk Andrei Rublev, master of the Moscow school, renowned for his delicate brushstroke.

It contrasts sharply with the martial frescoes on the wall depicting the great battles of Russian history. The cathedral is the Russian royal necropolis, and contains 46 tombstones, including those of the exhumed princes of Moscow and every tsar until Peter the Great. Ivan the Terrible also rests here, as well as the small son that he killed with his own hands. The faithful's singing fills the five domes, echoing to the heavens.

The third and last cathedral to be built in the Kremlin the very inspired work of the Milanese architect Alevisio Novi remains a place to celebrate Russia's great victories and, as such, is venerated to this day.

Cathedral of the Archangel
Moscow 103073

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