The Carmel Market: a paradise for foodies

The Carmel Market: a paradise for foodies

The Shuk Ha Carmel is the largest and best-known market in Tel Aviv. Walk it by going down its winding and very crowded streets towards the sea.

The bustling markets (in Hebrew ‘shuk') of Tel Aviv offer a glimpse of the great vitality of the city and its local products. The Carmel Market (Shuk Ha Carmel) on Carmel Street, near the fashionable neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek, is the largest and best known.

Enter it by Allenby Street and you immediately come upon fruit and vegetable stands displaying a fine range of local specialities. Do not miss the Borekas, puff pastry stuffed with cheese, spinach, or potatoes. This market is open every day, except on the Sabbath, Saturday, and is the best way to experience the local flavours in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Stroll on to the sea on its adjacent, winding streets, where fish, meat, and clothing stands, as well as numerous restaurants, attract tourists and foodistas.

Carmel Market / Shuk HaCarmel
HaCarmel St 11
Tel Aviv-Yafo

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