The beaches: a variety of wild and manmade seaside attractions

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The beaches: a variety of wild and manmade seaside attractions

Between the gentle curves of the dunes and the infinite horizon, enjoy the incredible space of freedom and the multiple distractions offered by the Montpellier coast.

Do you prefer pebble or sandy beaches? Lazing or water sports? Scenic waterfront or developed beach resorts? Never mind if you are unable to decide, the Montpellier coastline the richest and most diverse in the Languedoc-Roussillon offers all that and more.

Invite your other half for a peaceful day at the natural wilderness beach of Aresquiers, a protected area, where you can choose between wearing a swimsuit and… getting an overall tan. At the stroke of noon, stroll over to La Voile Bleue for a tasty lunchtime break.

If you are with family and friends, the most popular and oft-visited beach is Palavas-Les-Flots, with its clubs and beach bars, beach volleyball, and other beach amenities. For thrill seekers, water sports and all forms of skiing are available to lend you wings: inflatables, jet skiing, parasailing, and especially kite surfing a clever combination of ride, traction and flight. And why not take advantage of some of the advanced courses at one of the many schools that line the beach?

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