The Bardo National Museum: a modern museum, for antiquities

The Bardo National Museum: a modern museum, for antiquities

This exceptional museum has imposed itself as a cultural point of reference thanks to its impressive collections.

Just outside the centre of Tunis, the Bardo Museum is the oldest and largest Tunisian museum, located in one of the pavilions of a bey palace dating from the 19th century that still displays the splendour of a princely residence. The museum offers visitors an important and unique collection of objects from excavations at archaeological sites from different areas in the country, such as Sousse, Carthage, and Dougga.

Objects are spread out among 50 rooms and galleries, tracing the history of Tunisia chronologically, from ancient times to the present day. The Bardo is the second most important museum on the African continent, after Cairo's, and has built its reputation through a collection of mosaics considered one of the most beautiful and diverse in the world.

The Islamic department has an elegant collection of ceramics from North Africa and Asia Minor. Other rooms contain objects that belonged to the ruling family; Israelite objects are also on view.

The Bardo National Museum
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