The Acropolis Museum, the jewel of Western art

The Acropolis Museum, the jewel of Western art

Imagine yourself in ancient Athens, climbing towards the Parthenon. It is exactly this very vivid sensation of 'feeling' the past that this museum, which opened in 2009, offers.

With 4,000 works - including more than 300 masterpieces all recovered from archeological digs at the Acropolis - and 25,000 sqm of exhibition rooms, set in seven hectares of landscaped gardens mirrored by the Parthenon, no museum has ever revived the past as much this one.

Designed by Franco-Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi, the monument recalls Euclid and Pythagoras with its geometric lines. Resting on pilings that extend down to the existing excavations, the lower level floats on a glass floor. Like the path the Athenians used to take up to the temple, a ramp leads you to an intermediate space, which showcases the sculptures of the Acropolis on columns.

There, you enter a room that has the exact dimensions of the Parthenon theatre. The frieze that adorned it is missing some fragments, which are on display in the British Museum and the Louvre but reproduced perfectly here to evoke its unique beauty. You will feel real emotion as you experience life as it once was, with its sounds, smells and colours.

Acropolis Museum
Dionysiou Areopagitou 15
117 42 Athens

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