Teplo: a warm and very Russian atmosphere

Teplo: a warm and very Russian atmosphere

Comfortable, friendly, and affordable, Teplo restaurant gets everyone's vote. You will feel right at home.

In Russian, the name of this restaurant means 'heat'. And it is true that the atmosphere is warm here, which appeals to the many customers who take refuge in its small rooms with many nooks and corners. The decor is original, if a bit eclectic, but very friendly, with a young and smiling staff. A small terrace on an outdoor courtyard add to Teplo's charm.

But the real draw is the food, simple, varied, and perfectly prepared by the chef. Russian recipes dominate, but there are international dishes, too, and good vegetarian ones as well. If desserts are your thing, then try the banana, strawberry and cream cake, a Napoleon covered in fresh blueberries or the delicious and homemade dry nut cake. There is a small playroom for children, which will give parents a breather and time to enjoy their meal. Located next to the Astoria Hotel, this restaurant offers good value and is therefore ideal for family dining.

Bolshaya Morskaya ulitsa 45
190000 Sankt-Peterburg

+7 812 900 9434


Menu: around 1,100 RUB