Teatro Massimo Bellini, a crowning tribute to the composer

Teatro Massimo Bellini, a crowning tribute to the composer

Between a guided tour backstage and a dream night at the opera, the choice is yours.

It was meant to be: designed by architect Carlo Sada and located in Catania's most authentic neighbourhood, the opera proudly took on the name of local composer Vincenzo Bellini. Inaugurated in 1890 with a performance of Norma, this ambitious music temple has capitalized on the high-quality level of the acoustics, all through the four floors adorned with beautiful golden boxes. It still shines today, thanks to a program that gives pride of place to the classics. This could be a perfect opportunity for you to dust off your most impressive outfit…
Guided tours also convey the location's beauty, from the marbles of the sumptuous lobby to the elegant galleries surrounding the main room. Look up and witness wondrous frescoes on the ceiling, painted by Ernesto Bellandi and detailing four scenes from Bellini's most famous operas. Whatever you gaze at is a work of magic.

Teatro Massimo Bellini
via Giuseppe Perrotta,12
95131 Catania

+39 095 730 6111