Take to the skies at Victoria Peak

Take to the skies at Victoria Peak

Those who haven't climbed up to the Peak do not really know Hong Kong.

Quick! Head for the Victoria Peak as soon as you get to Hong Kong. The high point of Hong Kong embraces the magic of the city. As soon as the funicular starts its journey from Central district on a clear day, you are overwhelmed with emotion. The skyscrapers that flash by are unrecognisable.

In the middle of the trip, the spotlight turns to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. You have the city in your grasp. The summit offers amazing views extending far beyond the territory out to Macau and mainland China. And, surprisingly, you discover the bucolic side of Hong Kong, with its wooded slopes and untouched beaches nestled in the mountains. Take the path of Lugard Road and Harlech Road that winds through the ferns, bamboo, and hibiscus.

The houses hidden there are among the most expensive in the world. Ever since the British governor built his summer home on the cool peak, people have dreamed of moving here. For those who are just visiting, come back at night for a different kind of magic.

Victoria Peak
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