Sushi Leblon, one of the best sushi spots in Rio de Janeiro

Sushi Leblon, one of the best sushi spots in Rio de Janeiro

Taste the chef's surprising culinary creations in one of Rio's trendiest Japanese restaurants.

Considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Rio, Sushi Leblon invites you to an elegant and refined setting. In the very heart of the trendy Leblon district, take a seat around the beautiful wooden counter that surrounds the kitchen of the restaurant and let yourself be transported by its zen and cosy atmosphere.

If you are a fish lover, you will be in seventh heaven! Start your ascent with a delicious bowl of edamame accompanied by a lychee caipisake, which is an original version of a caipirinha made with sake. Then choose from the wide variety of sashimi and expertly prepared sushi, or opt for the seared tuna recipe with foie gras and wasabi. Other culinary specialties are made with sea urchins, eel, and grilled squid, all of which are delicious. Note that Sushi Leblon was the first restaurant in Rio de Janeiro to experiment with Japanese and Western fusion cuisine.

Sushi Leblon
Rua Dias Ferreira, 256
Rio de Janeiro 22431-05

+55 (0)21 2512 7830

Menu: around 60 BRL