Strolling in Soho: but what are the police doing here?

Strolling in Soho: but what are the police doing here?

The latest trendy neighbourhood, Soho has attracted stylists who have taken over former police headquarters.

Soho stands for South of Hollywood Boulevard. Located just behind Central, it has recently become very fashionable. In its narrow streets, traditional shops have given way to more modern stores, cafés, restaurants, and art galleries.

If you are looking for stylists and avant-garde artists, go to Soho. If you want to discover the best antique stores, go to Soho. If you fancy partying late into the night, go to Soho. Irish pubs rub shoulders with restaurants boasting cuisines from around the world, including two Nepalese places that serve beer from the homeland.

Do not miss the Police Married Quarters (PMQ), formerly housing for police officers and their families that has been cleverly converted into a hundred small stores, many of them decorative. In addition to being a good alternative to huge shopping centres, charming Soho is also a great place to check out the soup kitchens, which have not yet disappeared from its streets.

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