State of Grace: an homage to Houston

State of Grace: an homage to Houston

In opening State of Grace, Chef Ford Fry has returned to his roots, paying tribute to his hometown by doing what he does best: cooking.

If you happen to bump into the prolific Ford Fry and question him on State of Grace, he will probably say that his restaurant is a place of connections: a place that is open to all where it is possible to come for a business dinner, or with friends or family. Ford Fry does not impose any constraints: according to him, life is above all "knowing how to have fun, being with the people we love, and enjoying a good meal”.

Fry, Texan born, lived in Atlanta for many years, where he runs ten restaurants, and opened State of Grace in 2015, right across from his old high school. So it is no accident if he likes to draw dishes from his childhood. The menu reflects all the eclecticism of Houston, from queso Oaxaca - a seafood dish with Mexican accents - to the traditional prime rib, and oysters, which have the reputation of being the best in town.

State of Grace
3258 Westheimer Road
77098 Houston

+1 832 942 5080

Menu: around 35 USD