St. Lawrence Market: a paradise for gourmets

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St. Lawrence Market: a paradise for gourmets

Toronto's iconic St. Lawrence Market offers excellent opportunities for affordable gastronomic feasts, with a jazz background.

Voted best market in the world by the National Geographic, the St. Lawrence Market's frenetic and exuberant atmosphere is a multi-flavoured culinary adventure.

Housed in a 19th century brick building, this gourmet paradise is divided into two sections. To the south, more than 200 merchants sell gourmet products, while the north building is filled every Saturday morning with fresh farm products, a tradition that has endured for 300 years. With its lively atmosphere, jazz musicians, and spicy aromas, the St. Lawrence Market is the perfect place to spend a morning.

Arrive hungry to enjoy free tastings of pastries just out of the oven. Outside, benches and tables are available for a picnic by the river. It's up to you to choose between an improvised feast of croissants and homemade lemon jam or a gourmet meal with wine, freshly shucked oysters, and homemade pasta.

St. Lawrence Market
93 Front Street East
ON M5E 1C3

+1 (0)416 392 7219