Sleep no More: enchanting theatre in an abandoned Chelsea hotel

Sleep no More: enchanting theatre in an abandoned Chelsea hotel

For three hours, look out at the world through a Venetian mask and participate in absolute silence in this unique example of participatory theatre.

Welcome to the Mc Kittrick Hotel, a 1930s mansion of nearly 9,000 square metres in Chelsea, whose corridors, stairs, rooms, bathrooms, laboratory, cemetery, infirmary, and garden provide the incredible setting of Sleep No More. Indeed, this is not a classic play: there is no stage, no seating. The stunning actors lithely wander among the audience, throughout the experience. At the beginning of your adventure, you will be given a white mask that may remind you of the one worn in the film Eyes Wide Shut. Then you jump into the elevator where the rules of conduct are dictated: keep your mask on, don't talk, and keep moving about the building throughout the three hours. You can, if you wish, try to follow one particular character, who can provide the thread of the story for you. The characters are at once mysterious, suspicious, sensual, and endearing in their to-die-for Art Deco evening wear as they (almost) wordlessly dramatise the chic murder mystery and tormented love story better known as Macbeth. The drama takes you from floor to floor and messes with your mind as much as your physical perceptions. If Sleep No More is part of the site-specific theatre tradition, it also recalls a haunted house, with its ominous music, darkness, mysterious characters, and labyrinthine space. An experience more than a play…

Sleep No More Theatre
530 W 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

+1 212 904 1880