Saint Peter's Cathedral: witness to history

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Saint Peter's Cathedral: witness to history

A sentinel erected in the heart of the Écusson quarter, it watches benignly over Montpellier life.

In Montpellier as elsewhere in France, churches and cathedrals are at the heart of the city, silent refuges for those who venture there and a double reward, given the spectacle of art and history that plays out before our eyes.

This is also the case when, guided by the two majestic Gothic towers that constitute the porch, you enter St. Peter's Cathedral, consecrated in 1367 by Pope Urban V. The experience is moving and possibly a little intimidating in the monumentality of its architecture, a legacy of its defensive past and the terrible repercussion of religious wars.

Battlements and ramparts forge the singularity of the place, acting as guarantors for the memory of battles fought between Catholics and Protestants. Every moment of your presence in this sacred place makes you a witness to history as you discover the Romanesque nave, dominated by an almost celestial vault peaking at 28m, the 17th century gargoyles, the great 18th century organ and the Gothic choir… Right up until time sounds its accord every hour, completing your 'conversion' to the solemnity of the place, with the entire clarion of the Cathedral's bells ringing out.

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Montpellier
1 rue Saint-Pierre
Quartier de l'Écusson
34000 Montpellier

+33 (0)4 67 66 04 12