Saint-Émilion, Medieval village and Grands Crus

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Saint-Émilion, Medieval village and Grands Crus

Certain cities are noble-born: Saint-Émilion is one of them. The mere mention of it is enough to make your mouth water….

In 1999, for the first time ever, a vineyard landscape was propelled to the rank of a UNESCO World Heritage site. As attractive as its great wines are, Saint-Émilion itself is as beautiful as its reputation suggests. The harmonious work of man and nature is reflected in its landscapes, unique testimonies of history. Only 40 kilometres from Bordeaux, the city is carved like a jewel set amidst the vineyards; its streets of heavy paving stones plunge passers-by into a reverie of yore. Majestic spires soar upward, golden blond facades at dusk draw the eye, well-arranged shops and animated terraces extend their welcomes to passing tourists. The Tour du Roy and its dungeon are charged with mystery, and the cloister of the Collegiate Church resonates with the past. The panoramic view from the bell tower of the monolithic church is unparalleled, offering an overview of this bucolic landscape and the intimate details of the town itself. Take a stroll along the two-kilometre length of the walls from the Porte Brunet and explore the vineyards with friends, as a couple, with family, on foot or by bike.

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