Sadelle's: the best bagel in Manhattan

Sadelle's: the best bagel in Manhattan

A bakery, a bagel bar, a salmon and caviar bar, and a restaurant in an outsized loft in SoHo.

Opened in October 2015 in SoHo, only time will tell if Sadelle's becomes a New York institution, like the famous Balthazar. Everything is carefully thought out from the staff uniform of green aprons and Timberlands, to the Laguiole knives and Le Creuset casseroles on the tables even the famous ‘hot bagel!' announcement sung in unison by the whole kitchen team when a new batch comes out of the oven.

The bagel with cream cheese and lox is the specialty of the house and to make your own version, you have the choice of 12 bagel flavours, all as fresh as can be, and smoked fish of four different qualities. The result is surely the best bagel in Manhattan. The red brick loft is immense. During the day, the decor is simple and trendy. In the evening, the rooms are softly lit and chandeliers are placed on every table to make the setting warm and cosy.

Breakfast and brunch menus are sublime, but you will not be disappointed by the varieties of caviar served with vodka, fresh blinis and hash browns. Reservations required.

463 W Broadway
New York, NY 10012

+1 646 692 4732

Menu: around 35 USD