Rodeo, national sport

Rodeo, national sport

In Texas, everything is a call back to the conquest of the West. Do not miss rodeo shows, a shining star.

Put on your Stetson, a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt. You are almost in the skin of a cow-boy. You still have to try your hand at rodeo, which actually brings together three major disciplines: Bronc Riding in which the rider tries to climb a horse that attempts to throw them off, Bull riding in which a rider attempts to stay mounted on the animal, and if you prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground Roping consists in capturing calves with a looped rope called lasso. With a little bit of skill and courage, you may just become the last heir of those first farmers of the American West.

In Houston and the surrounding area, several ranches offers beginner classes and you will easily find all the gear you need in specialist shops. In all of Texas, there is no way around rodeo, and you will have plenty of choice amongst all the tournaments and shows that are organised everywhere. And if you are in Houston in March, hurry to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the largest event of the kind in the United States. The program consists of rodeo contests, concerts, giant barbecues and much more! Twenty unforgettable days of celebration.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
3 NRG Parkway
77054 Houston

+1 832 667 1000